Natur'Bike Pierrevert Organisation                                                                                                                                                       

Rules of the 24 MTB of the Luberon Race

Article 1 : Location and dates

The event will take place in the town of Pierrevert (04 - Alpes de Haute Provence), 26th and 27th of May 2018.

Article 2 : Duration of the race

The duration of the race is 24 hours over 2 days.

The start will be Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 12 o'clock, the end of the race will happen 24 hours after departure.

The organization reserves the right to postpone the departure time depending on specific conditions (climate, others ...) and / or possibly move the arrival time.

Article 3 : Team composition

Only riders aged over 18 years old at the day of the event can participate to the race. (Sorry for the others)

Each team must designate one captain, who will be the single contact with the organization.

Riders will used Mountain Bike imperatively equipped with wheels between 26 and 29 inches. Tandems with these specifications are accepted.

Article 4:  Medical certificate

Each rider must prove that she has no contraindication to take part in mountain bike competitions.

She can do it : 
- Either by providing a medical certificate of less than 1 year at the day of the event, allowing "mountain biking competition" 
- Either by submitting a cycling license of the current year, referred by a doctor. Only FFC licenses and UFOLEP are accepted. No license of another federation may be used.

Article 5 : Insurance

The association informed the riders with no license that  it is their own personal interest to have Personal Accident Insurance that will cover for damage caused by them, ie during a fall in which any third party could not be held responsible (or not compensable under the insurance obligation established by Article 37 of French Law No. 92-562 of 13 July 1992). Only FFC licenses have this coverage, except perhaps redundant UFOLEP for which it seems that the individual insurance included in their license covers in FFC competitions. Generally, it is up to individuals to check that it has not already purchased this type of insurance elsewhere (paying with a Gold or Premier credit card for example), knowing that the practice of sport in competition is often excluded.

The organization has for its part subscribed a Liability Insurance for the event with the Provence Regional Committee of the French Cycling Federation, and also offers an Individual Insurance, coupled with the registration, which covers up to € 50,000 any injuries sustained during the race. From an insurance viewpoint, the personal guarantee constitutes a complete disengagement from the guarantees provided by the contract of the organizing association. In case of an individual insurance, the responsibility lies on the insured person participating in the event.

Article 6 : Accommodation teams

Land for camping are available to teams from Friday, May 25 at 4 PM. One car per team will be allowed on the camping area. The car must be installed before Saturday, May 26, 2016 at 11 AM. Then this vehicle can not be moved before Sunday, May 27 at 3 PM. Additional vehicles may be parked on another free car parks, outside of the circuit and village.

Locations on the campsite are distributed taking into account as far as possible the wishes of grouping teams. The first registered teams will have largest choice of camping locations, the last entries will have the remaining land. Site selection by participants will not be possible on the day of the event.

Locations must be vacated and cleaned for Sunday, May 27, 6 PM. Each team shall store garbage in garbage bags, these bags to be deposited in the containers provided. Teams undertake to keep this site in perfect condition during their stay.

It is formally forbidden for motorhomes to drain anywhere near or on the site.

The use of generators and barbecues is prohibited on the site.

Showers and toilets are available on site. Non-removable structures (toilet blocks, etc ...) other than those provided by the organization are prohibited.

The organization accepts no liability for theft or damage suffered by the participants on the campground.

Degradation of the site will be prosecuted.

Article 7 : Services

The organization supports the smooth running of the event, providing bike plates (1 per rider) and control (s) e (s) timing, providing a hot meal on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning, and the development of rankings and awards ceremony.

Various animations (including music, concerts) will be held throughout the weekend.

Courage and madness needed to register on this type of event are the responsibility of the rider.

Article 8 : Registration and participation fee

Registration is done online only on Payment is online by credit card or by mailing payment by check.

The organization reserves the right to reject new inscription when the limit of 500 participants is reached. Records enrollment will be considered in their order of arrival, in order of the date of electronic payment or receipt of payment by check.

Registration is individual but collective commitment is for the whole team. The validation of the whole team implies that all entries are validated. Only complete applications will be considered. A registration is considered complete if and only if it includes: 
- The electronic registration form fully completed. 
- The paiement of registration fees
Reception of a valid licence scan or a medical certificate

Copies of license or medical certificate to practice mountain bike competition older than 1 year to the day of the start of the competition can be mailed or presented the day of the race.

Incomplete applications will be kept for 30 days after receipt. After this period, if the file has not been completed, it will be completely destroyed (cheques and certificates included).

The withdrawal of a team or rider will not trigger the refund of entry fees. 

A deposit (€ 60 per rider, paid by French bank cheque, payable to Natur'Bike Pierrevert, or cash) covering individual timing equipment will be required the day of the event at the time of withdrawal of the registration kit and timing equipment . It will be given back upon return of the equipment.

Article 9 : Cancel and race interruption

If necessary, before or during the event, the organization reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the race. Teams will be compensated for their participation costs less expenditures. This distribution will be made ​​equally among the participants.

No recourse may be exercised against the organization. If necessary to interrupt the race, the classification will be based on scores recorded at the time of the interruption.

Article 10 : Race rules

The overall ranking is done on the highest number of laps completed in 24 hours. In case of equality in the number of turns, the ranking will be carried out on the best time taken to travel the entire loops. It is not mandatory to do the overall 24 hours of the race, just the number of laps is taken into account, whether the team end the 24 hours of the race or not.

The order on the starting grid will be carried out in the order of registrations.

The track will be well materialized and will be open to recognition, only on foot or by mountain bike, between 9AM and 11AM on Saturday, May 26, 2018. This track is not lit at night. Using a lighting front and rear between 9PM and 6AM is mandatory.

The number of turns made ​​between each relay is free. It is imperative to complete the loop with his bike (top, pushing, or carrying it).

The relay takes place only in the area provided for this purpose. The handover in this area provided for this purpose will be checked using the electronic timing device.Relays made ​​outside the area provided for this purpose will result in immediate exclusion from the race.

The loop must be fully completed, even in case of failure, to be recognized as a validated loop. Only mechanical assistance between participants is permitted. External assistance (spectator, mechanic, teammate, etc ...) is not allowed on the circuit. External mechanical assistance may be performed only after the relay to an other team rider. 
The absence of a transition to intermediate checkpoints will not validate the trick.

The use of an helmet is mandatory.

Each competitor must rescue a participant in case of an health problem and have to inform the organization.

The plates indicating the number of the team and of the rider must remain visible.

The timing equipment is assigned to each listed team rider. He shall in no case be carried by another person not registered in the team.

Checks will be made ​​by the Officials on the race. Anyone violating this regulation, any cheating detected (cutting the track, external assistance, unsportsmanlike or dangerous behavior towards his opponents, etc.) will automatically result in the exclusion from the race of all the offending team.

Any complaints will be filed by the captain to the direction of travel.

Article 11 : Ranking and awards

The following classifications will be established:

- Trophy MTB 24H of Luberon Order scratch : General ranking of all teams in all categories, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams 1 riders : ranking solo teams, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams of 2 riders: ranking teams of 2 riders, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams of 3 riders : ranking teams of 3 riders, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams of 4 riders : ranking teams of 4 riders, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams of 5 riders : ranking teams of 5 riders, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Men's Teams of 6 riders: ranking teams of 6 riders, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Teams 100% tandem : teams ranked according to the number of laps completed.

- Mixed Teams: teams ranked according to the number of laps completed.

- Women's Teams: ranking of all all-female teams in all categories, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Teams category Company: ranking teams colors of a brand or a company, depending on the number of laps completed.

- Fastest lap scratch: ranking best travel time on a lap.

- Fastest lap scratch women: ranking participants according the best travel time on a lap.

The first 3 teams in each category will be rewarded. 
There will be no prize money in cash values.

Article 12: Image right

The organizers informed the participants that the 24-hour mountain bike shots (photographs, videos) will be conducted during the event. Their consent to the dissemination of these images is presumed, unless written objection on their part to the Natur'Bike Pierrevert Association.

Article 13 : Theft and damage

The organization accepts no liability for theft or damage occurring before, during and after the event. Each rider is fully responsible for all the equipment that she’ll bring for the needs of the event. Any fall of a competitor during the race causing degradation of the material could not result in legal action against the organizer.

Article 14 : rules amendment

These Rules may be amended at any time and without notice by the organizing team until Friday, May 26, 2018. Any new regulations will be posted on the website of the event

Article 15 : Acceptance of this rules

This Regulation shall be considered implicitly accepted by the participants from the time their application for registration is accepted by the organization.