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On line registration

Your team is ready ?
You set yourself the challenge of the 24H MTB of Luberon ?

So register now !


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>> more details about the services offered with the registration at the 24h MTB of the Luberon...

Registration closed at midnight the 26nd of may 2019. 
No registration on site the day of the race.

The place on the starting line and the choice of the campsite space is given according to the order of registration.

Registration can only be done on line. Registration fees can be paid on line (by Credit card) or afterwards by direct bank transfer (SEPA transfer) or French banks cheque.

Registration is validated only when the payment is received.

For direct bank transfer, details are following :

International Banking Acount Number (IBAN)
FR76 1910 6008 3423 4987 6500 092
Domiciliation Bank Identification Code AGRIFRPP891

Please well notice that the bank tranfer must be done after the online registration, and please indicate the reservation number as a comment on your bank transfer

For french cheque paiement the address is the following :

Natur'Bike Pierrevert
Place du 19 mars 1962

Registration to the 24h MTB of the Luberon is done for a team. Riders can register individualy or together. In case of a separated registration, no repayment will be possible if on or more riders of the team give up. The team will be then validated with current registrated riders.

Medical certificate

Each rider must proved that she doesn't present any contraindication for MTB practice. This can be done by :

  • either giving a medical certificate of less than one year at the day of the race and allowing permission of "MTB practice in competition",
  • or presenting a cycling licence of the current year and attesting that the rider can practice MTB in competition. For french riders only licences of the french federation or of UFOLEP are accepted. No licence of an other federation will be acceptable.


Riders must transmit these certificates by post or e-mail if scanned, once registered and before the race day (so that we can confirm that the certificate is valid for us).
Be careful ! A rider who can't present these certificates can't take part to the race and will not be reimbursed.

Each registration implies agreement of the rules of the race.